How it Works

My Clients

I provide legal research and writing services to Canadian lawyers. My clients are sole practitioners, law firms, and in-house legal departments. 

My Office

I work from my home office in East Vancouver and typically communicate with clients by phone and e-mail. In-person meetings can be arranged for Vancouver-based lawyers.

My Resources

I maintain my own online legal database subscriptions and use the Courthouse Library for other resources. If I need a book or journal article unavailable from my usual subscriptions, I’ll buy it (at no cost to you).

My Availability

It depends on the day! Sometimes I can accommodate a last-minute assignment; other times I’m booked up several weeks out. The best time to call me about new work is as early as possible. You can even canvass my availability before you’re certain you need me.

If you’ve got something due tomorrow, try me! I can’t guarantee I’ll say yes, but I’ll do my best to fit you in or refer you to another qualified research lawyer.

My Professional Responsibilities

I am an insured, practising member of the Law Society of British Columbia and am bound by the same rules of professional conduct as all BC lawyers. This includes maintaining the confidentiality of all client information and avoiding conflicts of interest. I maintain a conflicts database that I consult prior to taking on any new matters.

My Fees

I bill hourly at a rate of $225 plus sales tax. I don’t charge extra for disbursements. If you like, I can provide a fee estimate once I know a bit about the assignment. I won’t exceed the estimate without your prior approval.

After I’m done, I’ll send you an invoice within a week of completing the assignment. If you like, I’ll include detailed time entries. If you plan to bill my work to a client, you can deal with this in a number of ways: pass my fees on to your client as a disbursement, bill my time as legal fees without a mark-up, or bill my time as legal fees with reasonable mark-up.